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Traded for their Pleasure by L.V. Lane

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Beautiful character art by @NguyenKamZ

Full SFW and NSFW on my Patreon!

Here is a naughty excerpt to go with it ❤️‍🔥

The sounds of celebration rise behind us as the villagers head into the hall.

That is not for us, though. When we reach our home, Drew refuses to put me down until we are inside. Once he does, the door is firmly shut. As Liam takes my hand and walks me through to the bedroom, I know what is coming.

I want it. All of it. The loving discipline, and what comes after, when they finally make me theirs.

A thick pile of furs is stacked beside the bed. “Oh, what is this?”

“Bedding material, lass,” Drew says, coming to join us next to the bed. He cups my chin and brushes the hair back from my suddenly hot cheeks. “Your scent is not quite yet fertile, but it is close. How do you feel about the furs?”

I look between them. An alpha’s interest is always absolute when directed at a mate, I have discovered but, at this moment, it’s even more so. Intense. Watchful. These furs are important to them.

Running my fingers over them, I take in the thick, luxurious texture. There’s no need to fake my interest, for they are beautifully soft. “These are gorgeous.” I pick the top one up and rub it against my cheek.

Drew groans. I still, and glance back at them both, just as Liam thumps Drew on the shoulder, though without taking his eyes off me.

“Will these all fit on the bed, or…”

“All of them,” Drew says, voice rough and eyes glazed.

Liam swallows, his throat working, before he nods. “All of them.”

I turn away and bite my lip to hide my smile. Omegas make nests. The idea always sounded strange and animalistic to me, in the past. But this arouses them. My mates wish me to nest before I become fertile.

Except, Traded for Their Pleasure © L.V. Lane

Beautiful cover character art by @softdraws

SFW and NSFW wrap versions of the cover art on my Patreon!

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