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Contemporary Romance

Bad Boss New.jpg

Today is the first day of my first job.

I'm nervous, excited, and much too early.

Which is when I meet him for the very first time.

He's a businessman with a ruthless reputation. A billionaire and a playboy. His company sponsored my scholarship, and I've dreamed about him in the kind of detail you can't tell even your best friend about.

That was before I thought we might meet.

There is something very cliché about accidentally throwing your drink over a god in human flesh.

The throwing part is where the cliché ends for me.

He doesn't look endeared by the incident nor amused. He looks mad as freaking hell.

I've just thrown a full and very hot cup of coffee all over my very hot new boss.


Publisher's note: Bad Boss is a sweet, humorous, and steamy workplace!

Verity Arden

Verity Arden is L.V. Lane's alternative pen name. The books all feature hot heroes, instant-love, and a little taboo daddy talk. 

In His Debt.jpg

Rebecca’s innocent fantasies concerning Damien Lawson, her father’s business partner and extremely hot friend, border on obsession. Until one day the two men come to blows and part ways, and she doesn’t see Damien again.


Now at eighteen, she must deal with the loss of her father and the debt he left behind.

When she fears all is lost, Damien steps in and offers to help. After so long, can she trust her father’s best friend with her life, her body, and her heart?


Only it turns out her innocent fantasies don’t come close to the reality of the dirty-talking, dominant man.


Damien can’t reconcile that the sexy blonde is his former business partner’s sweet daughter. Her father left her high dry, with debts to the kind of men who could destroy an innocent like Rebecca. Not that Damien’s going to let that happen. With one look, he’s obsessed. She needs a caring protector and Damien’s just the man for the job.


Content Advice: Father's best friend romance with praise, insta-love, spicy, breeding, age-gap, and a dirty-talking hero Daddy. 

Make her Purr.jpg

Jake is living the dream. A successful motorcycle workshop and a lifestyle to envy. Until he’s asked to babysit his stepsister. 

How much trouble can a twenty-year-old specialty cake maker get into? 


Only Darcy’s done a whole lot of growing up since he was last home. She’s still a brat, and trouble is her middle name. 


She’s off-limits. He’s supposed to be looking out for her; he definitely shouldn’t be tracking her or threatening to put her over his knee. 


Jake’s about to break all the rules. Turns out Darcy needs a Daddy with a firm hand, and he knows just how to make his girl purr. 

Content advice: Stepbrother romance with praise, insta-love, spicy, breeding, age gap, and a dirty-talking hero Daddy.

Good with his hands.jpg

Scarlet’s dream of independence is falling apart, like the fixtures in her new apartment after the construction company cut corners.

None of this is the new maintenance company’s fault. She knows she’s acting like a diva calling them out so late on a Sunday. It could wait.

But that voice… that sinful purr down the phone. Can he really have the full package to go with it?

She’s definitely curious.

It turns out Mr. Handyman is a god walking in human flesh, and now she’s roused his inner beast.


Every man at Complete Maintenance Solutions gets counseling on the dangers of servicing women when they should be servicing their homes. Kaleb would know; it’s his company, after all.

Only the hot, wet dream who calls him up late on a Sunday is a temptation of the highest order…. and parading around in lingerie while he’s trying to work.

The rule book has been thrown out the window; someone needs to teach the hot pixie a lesson, and Kaleb’s just the man for the job.

Content advice: Hot handyman romance with praise, insta-love, spicy, breeding, age gap, and a dirty-talking hero Daddy.

Rough Around the Edges.jpg

Divorced, jaded, and definitely grumpy, Nate’s working long hours and living the dream one take-out pizza and beer at a time. 

So when he comes home to find his apartment flooded, he rolls with it.

What he doesn’t expect is for the hot college student from the apartment above to end up showering in his.


Chloe is done with college boys after finding her boyfriend making out with another girl at a party.

What she wants is someone older and more mature.

What she desires is the six foot six, good in an emergency, and rough around the edges Daddy.

It just so happens that he lives in the apartment below hers.

Content advice: Hot neighbor romance with praise, insta-love, spicy, breeding, age gap, and a dirty-talking hero Daddy.

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