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Beauty and the Bears Update

Only a few weeks until this hits Amazon, and I am trailing out a new direct preorder.

Why would I order directly?

  1. You will get the book a week early.

  2. Epub or mobi keeper copy for your preferred reading app.

  3. Bookfunnel (book distributor) reading app is also available from the App Store and for your desktop.

Purchase Options

Available 1st March Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

If you subscribe to KU, don't worry! My books will still enrolled and available after the 1st March.

You can preorder it here >>> Amazon

Available NOW on my Patreon

For 5$ a month, you can access the raw/unedited versions of my new books a chapter at a time! Once they go into Amazon and Kindle Unlimited, they will be removed from the Patreon.

Read serial format here >>>  PATREON

Available 23rd February Direct preorder 

Important information about direct preorders.

  • You will receive an email from both PayPal and Bookfunnel on purchase.

  • You will receive a second email when the book is released with the link to download the file.

  • Buyers have 14 days to download the book files. I highly recommend getting the Bookfunnel app and / or creating a reader account so you can always access the book that way. You can sign up here

Direct preorder here >>> PREORDER

PS. If you have ever downloaded my Free reads, they will all be available in the same app!

Free read: Monster Under My Bed:

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Mar 02

I would so love a book about the Imperium king!

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