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By day I live a simple life in my cottage in the woods.

I ought to be afraid of living all by myself.

But I have a secret—A monster, and he lives under my bed.

📣Content advice: A sweet and spicy MF monster short story set in the Coveted Prey universe.

🔮Themes include a naughty talking monster claiming his one true mate.

🧌Monster form mating

📗 Can be read as a standalone.

🤝Related stories: Previously published as part of the Monsters After Dark Anthology

📏short story


Snatched from the streets, I am taken, bound for the markets of Bleakness, where I will be sold into a life of servitude.

I know my fate is desperate, so I run... straight into the arms of a huge, terrifying orc.

Now the wicked human overseer intends to punish me as an example. 

Until my orc turns protector. 

But the only way he can keep me is to breed me by dawn.

📣Content advice: MF human beta with an orc. The story includes dubious consent, kidnap, some violence and gore. 

🔮Themes include a filthy talking orc master breeding his human pet.

🧌Monster form mating

📗 Can be read as a standalone.

🤝Related stories: None

📏short story


Beautiful Freak

Teaser chapter!

Sneak peek at chapter one for the second book in the trilogy!

Intended to be read ONLY after reading Part One: Beautiful Savage

📣Content advice: Pitch black, speculative, violent and darkly sensual, fast-paced, why choose romance with extreme violence, and gore. 

Non-consensual scenes, mind games and manipulation, captor-captive power exchange, other women, and somno (sleeping princess). 

🔮Themes include betrayal, abduction, and assimilation.

📗 Intended to be read ONLY after reading book one, Beautiful Savage

🤝Related stories: Beautiful Savage

📏Sample chapter


The Restaurant

Cut Scene from Controllers Book 1 - The Awakening (10 min read)

A short deleted scene that was cut from the final copy of The Awakening.

📣Content advice: Dark MF alpha and omega non-con scene with spanking, rough intimacy,  humiliation, mind-games and manipulation, and mention of childhood abuse

📗 Best read after reading The Awakening

🤝Related stories: The Awakening

📏cut scene

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