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Obsidian Lies

Beautiful Savage


They take me, snatching me from my ordinary life and the man I planned to marry and tossing me into chaos. 

I am nothing to them, a pawn, a small piece in a bigger game.


Not in the conventional sense, they give new meaning to the word. 

His kind of savage can be beautiful and deadly, can break me with hard truths, disarm me with a smile, and ignite me with a glance.

He whispers promises of rapture even as he taunts me with what can never be.

So it is that I find myself in the crosshairs of a war. 

An asset. One that both sides want.

I don’t get to pick a side as with the prick of a needle, one is chosen for me.

My assimilation has begun. I am changing, undergoing a metamorphosis… becoming more… becoming primal

As I stare into the obsidian eyes of a stranger, I realize that my fiancé, the man I packed up my life to move to the other side of the world with, lied to me.


📣Content advice: Pitch black, speculative, violent and darkly sensual, fast-paced, why choose romance with extreme violence and gore. Non-consensual scenes, mind games and manipulation, captor-captive power exchange, other women prior to h, and somno (sleeping princess)


🔮Themes include betrayal, abduction, and assimilation.


📚 Part one of three




Coming soon...


Coming soon...

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