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New Subscription from L.V. Lane

Updated: Apr 15

To celebrate a new start:

  • Ever wondered what an alpha's knot looks like? 🫦 All paid tiers will have access to the naughty version of our smexy barbarians below, Liam and Drew of Traded for Their Pleasure.

  • The first eight chapters of my latest WIP, The Wolf in My Tavern, are also available to read, and more chapters will be added throughout the month.

  • Good with His Hands (by my alt pen name Verity Arden) will be available through to the end of April

Thank you so much for your support.

Hope to see you there!📚

Special note to former Patreons: You should have received an email directly from me specific to your tier/plan. I am also working with the Ream team to move across those on the annual tiers so you don't lose any benefit. If you have any questions, you can message me using the Let's Chat feature at the bottom with your question, and I will get back to you.


Don't forget Obsidian Lies will be coming to Amazon and KU very soon!

Beautiful Savage ~ Obsidian Lies Book One 。.。:∞♡*♥

Taken by the ‘savages’ of Andromeda, I am thrust into a new and frightening world.

As the layers of my reality peel back one at a time, my body begins to change.

Is it the consequences of my captivity that make me crave my captors, or am I simply becoming savage?

They tell me we are at war, that they are liberating me, that they are saving me.

They also lie to me.

Can I trust the stranger with the cold obsidian eyes?

If I want to survive, I might not have a choice.

📣Content advice: Pitch black, speculative, darkly sensual, fast-paced, why choose romance with extreme violence and gore. Non-consensual scenes, mind games and manipulation, captor-captive power exchange, other women, somno (sleeping princess)

🔮Themes include betrayal, abduction, and assimilation.

📚 Book one of three


Liv ❤️

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