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Finding Serenity Series


Finding Serenity Book 1

I can tell when someone is lying.

And I know when they speak the truth.

I predict about the future, about our civilization,

And I’ve predicted that we are going to lose the war.

I’m not afraid to use predictive skills to break the rules, to break people, if it’s necessary for the greater good.

My relationship with my brother may be strained, but he’s in trouble, And I’m going to get him out...whatever it takes.

Publisher's note: Predictive is a science fiction, action-thriller set against a backdrop of a colonization.

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Finding Serenity Book 2

One hundred years of stasis and a one-way ticket.

They expected a barren planet: soil, water, and at best microbe level life.

Instead, they found a verdant world full of diverse life…and a city advanced beyond understanding.

A planet, once their hope and now a source of confusion that might soon turn to despair.

A planet, but not their planet.

No, someone else had got there first.

Publisher's note: Variant is the second book in the Predictive Series. A science fiction, action-thriller set against a backdrop of a colonization war.

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