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Bound for Their Pleasure by L.V. Lane - Teaser!

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Coming 29th September! 🥳

Beautiful cover art by Kuen.

Bound for their Pleasure。.。:∞♡*♥

War leaves my family destitute. My enviable life comes to an end.

I shouldn’t covet the stern shifter who turns up offering to work for free. Even if he lights a fire under my curiosity when he casually mentions I’m in need of a firm, corrective hand.

I definitely shouldn’t dream about the handsome barbarian who swore we would wed and then dropped me in the river.

Although the stuffy lord I’m expected to marry does not stir my heart, I understand that he is the practical choice. But fate and a masked stranger have different plans for me.

Content Advice: Death of a parent. Kidnap. Bondage. MM. Violence and gore. Hot barbarians and shifters. Beast form mating. Mild dominance and submission play. Fantasy omegaverse trope.


The Series

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