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Innocent damsel in distress. ✅

Hot older hero who likes being called Daddy ✅

Lots of dirty talk✅

Get ready for your kindle to catch fire 🔥

In His Debt。.。:∞♡*♥

Blurb ~

Rebecca’s innocent fantasies concerning Damien Lawson, her father’s business partner and extremely hot friend, border on obsession. Until one day the two men come to blows and part ways, and she doesn’t see Damien again.

Now at eighteen, she must deal with the loss of her father and the debt he left behind.

When she fears all is lost, Damien steps in and offers to help. After so long, can she trust her father’s best friend with her life, her body, and her heart?

Only it turns out her innocent fantasies don’t come close to the reality of the dirty-talking, dominant man.

Damien can’t reconcile that the sexy blonde is his former business partner’s sweet daughter. Her father left her high dry, with debts to the kind of men who could destroy an innocent like Rebecca. Not that Damien’s going to let that happen. With one look, he’s obsessed. She needs a caring protector, and Damien’s just the man for the job.

Content Advice: Themes include praise, insta-love, spicy, breeding, age-gap, she calls him Daddy. Extra 🔥Please proceed with caution!

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