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Captured by the Wolven -99 cents!

To celebrate the new cover!

99 cents everywhere and in KU! 📣

Hot monster good stuff: Dirty talking monster, knotting, breeding, size difference, dub-con, and beast form mating!

I was only six when I first met the Wolven in my wood. Big and ferocious… a giant wolf that could walk on two legs, if even some tales about them were true, my fate was desperate.

Only my monster was none of those things.

He let me nestle upon his lap where he listened to my stories.

Until one day, he disappeared, and I never saw him again.

Many years passed, and war consumed our lands.

Fleeing for my life after an attack on my village, my sweet monster rescued me... at least I thought he did.

Then he told me the truth.

“Foolish human," he says in a deep, rumbly voice. "I wasn't rescuing you. I was capturing you for myself.”

Captured by the Wolven is a standalone short story set in the Coveted Prey universe. Formerly published as part of the Into the Woods anthology.

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