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The Master of the Switch


The spellbinding conclusion of The Girl with the Gray Eyes.

Blurb ~

I’ve escaped one monster, but the real monster, Bill, is still at large.

My enigmatic alpha leader, Tanis, is distant. My playful alpha, Garren, more so. Then there is my sweet beta, Red, giving me mixed signals. One moment attentive and caring, then the next, cruel.

And none of them are touching me in the way I crave, as all of them struggle with the parameters of sharing.

Bill’s warmongering becomes ever more aggressive in his quest to destroy Tanis. The risks he’s prepared to take are extreme.

The Armageddon switch could destroy all technology and civilization as we know it. If he finds it, Bill’s desire for revenge might just be enough for him to use it.

Content advisory for trilogy: Extremely dark, graphic content, mind-games and manipulation, SA, MM, violence, and gore. Heroes in this book range from sweet to pitch black.

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