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Let's get Deviant

I must start by apologising. I had intended to write blog posts more frequently than I have. Well, since this is only my second post, there hasn’t really been a frequency to speak of.

But I have not been idle as some of you may know. Since releasing ‘Taking Control’, book one in the Controllers series just four months ago, I’ve written and published book two ‘Complete Control’ and part one of follow-up trilogy ‘Deviant Control’. The success of the books has really amazed, and humbled me. At the time of writing, I have over two hundred and fifty ratings on GoodReads and I receive a lot of really positive feedback from readers. If you have left me a rating, no matter the number, then thank you. Even better if you left me feedback. :)

This has inspired me to go harder and you’ll be pleased to know part two of the trilogy, ‘Deviant Evolution’, will release next week on August 21st. Needless to say, part three is already written and going through edits, but I’m hoping to release by the end of September.

Where to then? Well, I have two more books planned for this series and another completely new series already in early planning. So there’s still a lot to come in 2019!

Finally a small request. If you want to receive early news of my books and other works, please do join my mailing list. I promise not to spam you and will only use your email for genuine notifications.

PS. There's going to be more surprises about the Doctor and her blood!

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