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The Coveted Prey Series

Prey: Imperium Protectors

Coveted Prey Book 1 

I am prey.

This is not pity talking, this is an acknowledgment of a fact.

I am small and weak; I am an omega. I am a prize that men war over.

For a year I have hidden in the distant corner of the Empire.

But I am running out of food, and I am running out of options.

That I must leave soon is not a decision for today, though, but a decision for tomorrow.

Only tomorrow's choices never come.

For tonight brings strangers who remind me that I am prey.

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Prize: Imperium Protectors

Coveted Prey Book 2

I have a reputation for being a brat... I prefer to think of it as strong-willed.
My brother is trying to marry me off. I'm nothing but a nuisance to him now that he has taken a mate.
I don't mean to get into trouble, but sometimes trouble comes for me.
Now I have pushed my lord and brother too far. He's handed me off to his commander, Hawthorn, to see to my discipline and training that I might be better behaved. Not only Hawthorn, for his second and third men are also enlisted to aid in this arduous task.
But their stern ways don't only bring out my rebellion, and fate has other plans.

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Taken: Imperium Protectors

Coveted Prey Book 3

A broken mate whose scent has not changed.
Trapped, and a prisoner of my home lest my scent send men mad with lust.
I just need a moment.
But I won't get one.
For tonight brings outlaws who remind me that I am prey.

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★ Part 1 of Lilly's story ★

With her father on the ruling council, Doctor Lillian Brach had lived a coveted life.
Rising to Director of the viral research program, she had carved a place for herself within the Empire.
But her life plans changed the day she revealed as an omega.
Her former research partner, Erison Tsing, has assumed control of the program. Her singularity (unique omega gift) brings more challenges than benefits. And Tsing's methods of testing her gift stamp over moral and ethical boundaries.
Secretly suppressing her heat, and clinging to a measure of independence unheard of for an omega, her life is precarious enough.
But when the viral research center comes under attack, she makes some questionable decisions.
Her escort soldier has been shot... by her hand... she was trying to save his life.
Now she is trapped outside the safe zone, and enemy soldiers are closing in.
Her father promised she would never be allocated a Controller. But that's about to change.
◆ ◆ ◆ ◆
I'm not a humble person.
I am confident in my capability, for all society considered me less important now because I'm an omega. I was late to reveal my dynamic, and my personality was already firmly set. You could not erase twenty-five years of self-belief, and I doubted a lifetime ever would.
But, I'm not infallible, and on the day Tolis was attacked I made some questionable choices.
~ Doctor Lillian Brach

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I’m a widow. I have no interest in another husband, never mind being claimed as a barbarian’s mate.

But he’s taking me anyway.

Both him and his brother.

“A maiden can be trained,” he says. “Trained to satisfy a barbarian.”

And so my training begins.


Trained For Their Pleasure is a fantasy fated mates romance with two barbarians determined to own their sweet but stubborn mate!

Coveted 5.png

For as long as I can remember, Brandon has been my obsession. But the shifter warrior had far higher standing in the clan and barely noticed me.

Until one day he did, and everyone assumed we would wed.

Then war arrived and brought a forgotten Alpha back into my life.

Gage, the mysterious warrior I found injured in the woods. Son of a clan king, he is also our enemy.

I can’t deny that I want Gage.

But I want Brandon too.

Then I revealed ...

Now both men want me.

Once again, war is coming, only this time ... it is over me.

Claimed For Their Pleasure is a fantasy fated mates romance with two barbarians determined to own their sweet but stubborn mate!

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He’s supposed to be my protector, the towering male with the delicious scent that drives my body wild.

He’s supposed to obey me, although he rides the line of disrespect with infuriating ease.

And when he’s injured, I’m supposed to gift him my powerful blood.

Only I don’t, and I can’t, and now my actions have broken the rules

And the man who once obeyed is going to own me.



Beautiful, cold, and untouchable, Winter is all that and more.

The tiny little fairy with the frosty disposition and heart made of ice.

She’s supposed to heal me, but my miserly mistress gives me only scraps.

My mind despises her, even as my body craves her blood.

Trapped by circumstance, my broken fairy will break both the rules and me.

But revenge, sweeter than the blood flowing through her veins, will ultimately be mine.


Rapture is a dark and steamy enemies to lovers paranormal, fairy-vampiric mashup. It contains detailed explicit scenes and triggers.

★ Fairy - vampire mash-up

★ Enemies to lovers

★ Action, humor, and heat!

★ Portal fantasy worlds with fairies, humans, orcs, and shifters!

★ Standalone story with HEA

Coveted 8.png

Hot, possessive alpha romance that will set your kindle on fire!

From the moment I met her, I wanted to own her, and turn her into my perfect omega pet.
The redhead with a disapproving frown, and a body made for sin.
There is just one tiny problem.
She's not an omega.

He thinks I'm a non-dynamic.
I'm not.
I'm an omega taking suppressants.
Each day gets harder.
Each day is a risk.
To hide what I am, I've bartered, racked up debts, and my time is running out.
So when Lucian made a proposal,
I jumped at the chance.
Money will free me, and allow me to escape.
And besides, what could Lucian's omega drug do that wasn't already done?
The ruthless man is determined to own me, and now I've just walked into his perfect trap.

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Claimed by Three: A Dark Protectors Fantasy Romance

Coveted Prey Book 9

Grady took my heart, then left... for two years. Now he's back and determined to make me his.
There's just one problem. I've moved on, and the sweetly wicked Byron has taken his place.
Then there is Declan, Grady's brooding brother-in-arms, who watches both Grady and me with the same barely tempered yearning.
But I have a secret. With the help of the herb mistress, I concealed my very nature from the entire court.
Now my secret is out, my potent scent will drive each man's animalistic side to claim.
No one man will be enough.
I'm about to be claimed by three.

Coveted 9.png

Bound the Pack:

Coveted Prey Book 10

An orphan, I live by the charity of my lord. Through me, the Goddess heals, yet I am treated like the lowest servant.

In the wake of an attack, a young beta hunter is mortally wounded. I lay with Emric to heal him upon the forest floor. Everyone saw. Now an alpha, a beta, and a shifter pack all have me in their sights.

And all the while, Petra, my lord’s spiteful daughter, despises me for taking a man she saw as her own.

Trapped in a life of drudgery and cruelty, my only hope is to take a mate to escape Petra’s tyrannical rule before her jealousy takes a deadly turn. But why would her lord father let such a valuable asset leave?

I may be at the mercy of their whims now, but I have allies waiting in the dark, waiting to make their move and claim me as theirs.

The only question is who?

And will they be too late?

Coveted 10.png

My mother always said I shouldn’t have married him and when I discover my lazy scoundrel of a husband plotting with his lover to rob me blind, then kill me, I find out why.

So I run.

And that’s when they find me.

Leering raiders, my ‘husband’ abandons me to their tender mercies when the true master of the forest comes upon us.

Tall, muscular beyond belief, and possessing a deadly grace, he scatters the criminals who threaten to do everything my husband had planned.

I fall to my knees, babbling my gratitude... only to discover the cost of his aid.

I must become his for a moon month. My body shivers, but is that in fear or anticipation? Because I’ve heard stories about the women who succumb to the beasts of the forest, and I’m determined that I won’t be the one to join them.

The Centaur in My Valley is a sweet and spicy story set in the Coveted prey universe.

Coveted 11.png

I was a princess until my jealous sister betrayed me.

Thrown into a portal, I'm picked up by a fallen centaur patrol.

Here I become embroiled in a cruel and wicked world, where centaurs battle the monsters that spew from a broken portal and women are kept in stables and shared by all.

Grimm, the leader of the fallen centaurs, is breathtaking from his human warrior body to the stallion beneath. He is also barbaric, ruthless, and monstrous in deed.

I hide my omega nature, living among them as a drudge.

Yet I cannot forever hide my response nor my growing fascination with the darkest centaur of them all.

Publisher's Note: The Centaur in My Dreams is a dark portal fantasy romance with situations that some readers may find triggering and a flawed hero who makes mistakes on his journey toward claiming his one true mate

Coveted 12.png

I was only six when I first met the monster in my wood. Wolven were a beastly kind of dire wolf that walked on two legs. Larger and more ferocious than a wolf shifter, if even some tales about them were true, my fate was desperate.

Only my monster was none of those things.

He let me nestle upon his lap where he listened to my stories.

Until one day, he disappeared, and I never saw him again.

Many years passed, and war consumed our lands.

Fleeing for my life after an attack on my village, my sweet monster rescued me... at least I thought he did.

Then he told me the truth.

"Foolish human," he says in a deep, rumbly voice. "I wasn't rescuing you. I was capturing you for myself."

Publisher's Note: Captured by the Wolven is a standalone short story set in the Coveted Prey universe. Formerly published as part of the Into the Woods anthology, it features size difference and a naughty-talking monster determined to claim his fated mate!

Coveted 13.png

He’s my brother’s best friend.

He’s also an orc.

I’m a shifter and should be with one of my kind.

What I want is green, fierce, and savage with everyone but me.

He’s determined to resist.

I’m determined that he won’t.

Publisher’s note: Tempting the Orc is a sweet monster romance short story set in the Coveted Prey Universe with an omega wolf shifter determined to claim her gruff orc mate.

Coveted 14.png

Stolen by darkness, I exist in misery.

A throwback with high blood running through my veins, they drain me and leave me broken.

Mocked for my empathy when all others live for brutality and war.

Then out of the darkness comes a warrior. The most wicked and feared of them all.

He wants me, so he takes me, the last fairy with wings.


Stolen by Darkness is a through the portal fantasy romance set in the Coveted Prey universe! It features a cast of shifter, mythical, and human mates, and the sweet fairy they will claim.

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