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Writing Update

As usual, I am busy with my next book or, in this case, books.

My main problem is that I have yet to commit myself to a date and put a preorder up, and that has the effect of making me flitter between lots of different stories calling me, and they get pulled in lots of different directions.

I have a couple of projects I am working on as a surprise... there will be some treats coming up in the new year and later this year!

But what I can talk about is two stories coming up in the Coveted Prey world!

Coming this year in the Coveted Prey Universe


Mythical creature MF fantasy with either a centaur or minotaur. I'm sitting on the fence about which to pick, although I'm a reasonable way into it and have written it as a centaur currently.

I find writing shorter ones very satisfying to slot in between the bigger projects. And sometimes the story is just uncomplicated as this one is.

Tentatively called: The Centaur In My Forest. This is a fast burn, lighthearted, unashamedly smutty, maximum heat, get your fans cranked up even in winter because it's HOT!🔥


Full-length RH (Omega + 3xAlpha) with MM component. This started as MF and then went down the RH rabbit hole pretty quick. This is a slower burn as the longer books in this series tend to be, but the second half will be busy 😈 At the moment (and subject to beta feedback), this has a very dark start. There will be a lot of trigger warnings as the heroine is in an abusive situation at the start and you do see some of it. She has been abandoned by the H1 who left for the war. (rejected mate trope). The story begins when H1 returns.

Happy reading, Liv x

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