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Writing Update

Deviant Games is all done...phew! It's always a good feeling when I upload the manuscript and know I've given it my best. It's been a pleasure to get back to Lilly, Ethan and Ryker. They are such great characters to write, and I love the push and pull between the two Alphas and Lilly. Now it's ready for the readers to see what they think :)


I'm back into drafting Owned. This is a dual FMC story where we follow two very different women who are separated right at the start when their peaceful community comes under attack. It's a post-apocalyptic world, set seventeen years after the collapse.

When I start a new world, I never really know where it's going, whether it will be a series or a standalone. I'm feeling like this will be a standalone. As a writer, it's good to keep exploring new worlds and new stories. I also think it's good for variety sake to give yourself new projects between the broader series.

I'm enjoying where this story is taking me and excited to see how it wraps up.

Happy reading

Liv x

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