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The Warrior in the Shadows - Sneaky Peek

Warning: This excerpt contain detailed intimate scenes intended for an an adult audience, and very naughty character art. 🥵

Hannah and Tanis

The second installment in The Girl with the Gray Eyes trilogy is with the editor and due for release 14th January. Book three is complete and will be coming hot on the heels...

The Girl with the Gray Eyes:

The Warrior in the Shadows:


Excerpt, The Warrior in the Shadows Copyright © 2023 L.V. Lane



Hannah Duvaul, ancient technology specialist

Three days had passed since I entered Station fifty-four and six hours since I had finished my work. The station was now fully operational, and Rymor was once more safe.

I wished I could say the same thing about myself.

A battle had raged outside for days between the Shadowlanders and the Jaru. Not long ago, it had come to a savage end with the arrival of new forces, and now the only Jaru I could see on the screens were dead.

My time within the station remained a brief moment of sanity in an insane world–a tiny piece of Rymor that the ancients had buried eons ago in the midst of Shadowland.

I couldn't hide here forever, no matter how enticing the option was, and I needed to find out what was happening now that the battle was over.

I turned the outside viewer off but couldn't yet persuade myself to open the door. Someone would come to look for me soon; I was surprised no one had been beating on the door already.

I had never aspired to visit Shadowland, despite my deep-rooted fixation with the alphas who lived here. Prior to the station collapse, I'd thought little of the strange, isolated symbiosis that existed between those inside and those outside the wall.

Only it didn't feel so isolated anymore, not when viewed from this side.

Rymor's wall, a great illusion created by the ancients, rendered impenetrable by an energy barrier powered by the stations and receptors scattered throughout the surrounding lands, the most notable of which was Station fifty-four, was once more operational.

I'd done what I intended to, despite how improbable it had seemed along the way, the many weeks of arduous travel, death, and fear through a country consumed by war. It was a miracle I'd reached the station at all.

That miracle manifested itself in the form of Shadowlanders, led by John Tanis, who had saved us from a Jaru attack.

It was the first time I'd seen someone killed; I wished it had been the last.

Pushing those memories aside, I picked up the standard-issue Pulse Beam hand-held weapon I'd found in one of the storage rooms. During the fierce fighting outside, it had given me a measure of comfort, even if I wasn't convinced I could use it. It could be deadly in trained hands. Unfortunately, I couldn't pass the first test and turn it on. I experimented with flicking a few switches on the side while pointing it at the floor.

I was being ridiculous! The trigger was obvious, and it wouldn't fire unless I pressed it.

I examined the switches on the weapon again. There was a tiny red light at the top.

I didn't remember that?


John Tanis (Tanis), Shadowland leader

A battle outside Station fifty-four had ended not long ago, and now we were left dealing with the dead and tending to the wounded.

At times I could almost forget the savagery of the world I lived in, but today it was impossible to ignore. I thought back on the easy, empty life I'd once known in Rymor and imagined how it might feel to return; to sleep that peaceful sleep, to forget all the killing, death, and loss.

It wasn't a choice anymore. I'd been exiled ten years ago, and the Shadowlanders were my people now. Even if I could, I wouldn't walk away.

The station was operational. At least, I suspected it was operational. There had certainly been a mighty rumble that had brought activities in the surrounding area to a standstill and startled nearby birds to flight.

It was time to find out what Hannah was still doing in there.

Inside, a long corridor stretched before me, and at the end, it opened out into a well-lit circular room. Hannah was standing next to a curving interactive desk with, of all things, a Pulse Beam firearm. The telltale red power light on the top gave me cause for concern. "Hiding Hannah?" I tutted. "And from the looks of it, the station's been operational for a good while."

She froze before turning slowly around.

"How did you get in?" Her fingers remained locked around the weapon, not exactly pointing at me, but not exactly pointing away, either. "Where are Adam and the others? Are they all okay?"

"They're fine, including Garren, you'll be pleased to know. We're getting ready to leave for Thale. You and the rest of the Rymorians will accompany least for a time."

Silence stretched between us. She wasn't happy about the news, which made me curious.

Maybe she wasn't as attached to Garren as I thought?

Yeah, that definitely interested me.

Maybe she had spoken to Bill and couldn't wait to get back to him?

And that pissed me off.

"And I got in through the door. I can rig a locked pad if I have to," I said more casually than I felt given she was still pointing a live firearm at me.

Her eyes narrowed. "I wonder how that particular skill was acquired."

Omegas, you never knew what would come out of their mouths next. Her scent was clean and compelling. I just wanted to fuck all that attitude out of her until she was soft and compliant like a good little omega should be. To make her forget Garren and Bill, to stake my claim.

It's only scent, I told myself. I'd been around unmated omegas before. I could keep my damn head. "So, you now have me labeled as some sort of criminal. It's rather minor compared to my other occupation as a cold-blooded killer." As I moved farther into the room, she backed up a step. "Sorry to disappoint you, Hannah, but I studied basic electronics for a time before they allowed me to choose my path." My attention shifted from the woman who should have been mated long ago–it would definitely have settled her prickly disposition–over the equipment in the room. "Can't see me as an engineer? Neither could I, which is why from the age of ten, and due to my mother's fierce petitioning, I was allowed to focus on a study area of my choice. I'd already passed my mandatory exams, so they had no valid argument for denying the request, unorthodox though it was. From then on, I studied only warfare, weapons, combat, and the history thereof."

I shouldn't have baited her. While I probably could rig a locked door pad, I'd taken the easy route and asked Adam, the appointed leader of the Rymorian expedition, to open the door. I should have sent Adam to talk to her; I was beginning to wish I had.

"I want to go back to Rymor. They'll repair the tunnel eventually. I could stay here, wait for them," she said, the pulse beam trembling in her small hand.

"What? Wait here for a year or two on your own?" I said, amused that she was ready to abandon my younger brother, less so that it was probably so she could run back to Bill. "Not really a practical solution, or are you hoping they will send a transport? Or that Bill will come to your rescue?"

Her posture stiffened but given I'd once referred to her former partner as a bastard that needed putting down, and she'd been sleeping with Garren for weeks, I was surprised the comment got a rise.

"I want to go back," she said more firmly. "You said I could go back."

"Unfortunately, we can't always have what we want. Not today anyway." I took another step forward, and she backed up, stopping abruptly after finding the desk behind her.

"Except you, of course. You always get what you want, don't you, Tanis."

My laugh was brief and humorless. "I think you have me confused with Bill."

"Bill? What does he have to do with anything? Besides, you're nothing like Bill."

"I appreciate the unintentional compliment," I said. "And he has everything to do with this."

She held the weapon out, her fingers shaking

So, we are going there, then.

"I have to go back home." Her voice carried a hint of hysteria. Still, I was reasonably sure she wouldn't shoot me, and if she did, it was almost certainly on stun.

I moved closer still, stopping no more than a pace away. Her knuckles were white where they wrapped around the PB, but I looked her in the eye when I said, "Rymor no longer exists for you, Hannah. At least not the Rymor, you know. Better to forget it sooner rather than later."

Her lips started to tremble. "No!" She fumbled her grip on the weapon before her fingers settled on the trigger. "You said you would let me go back."

"I said that I would consider it, but I certainly made no promise. Besides, this isn't my decision." When I offered Adam the option of returning to Thale, he'd jumped at the chance.

I straightened my stance and waited to see what she would do. Her fuck-me scent was making me a little woozy. The desk behind her was the perfect height to bend her over and...I probably should be focusing on my imminent death.

The moment stretched until finally, she sighed and put the firearm down.

Thank fuck! I closed the gap and picked up the weapon to check the settings.

No, I wasn't mistaken. She really did have the safety off. I put it back down with a grunt. "You had the safety off. I ought to spank your fucking ass...And the setting was up high enough that you and the rest of the room would have been wearing my liquefied remains."

She swallowed and fidgeted. "I didn't need the details."

"So, did you speak to him?"

She blinked up at me. This close, I could see the gray of her eyes, that she was as exceptionally beautiful as she appeared from a distance. "Who?"

"Bill, who else?" I'd boxed her in against the desk, but given she had pointed an operational weapon at me, I considered making her uncomfortable a minor payback.

"No, of course not. I told you before, I don't want anything to do with him."

"Probably a good thing," I continued calmly while trying to ignore the fact that she might have shot me and smelled fucking incredible this close. "You'd be useless at lying. He would probably figure out within seconds that you've been fraternizing with Shadowlanders, and that would really piss him off. So, you must have updated someone. Who did you talk to?"

She blinked a couple of times. "Dan."

"Dan? Just another man in your life? What's Dan's part in this?"

Her brows drew together again with that. "Where is this conversation going? Dan Gilmore. He is an ancient technology expert, a genius really. He's also an omega....I just tried to kill you!"

I raised an eyebrow. "I think you may be overstating your prowess, but yes, I suppose you did contemplate it at least."

"You don't seem very concerned. Why am I the only one shaking?" She stared down at her shaking hands.

I stepped back to give her some space. "I've spent three days being nearly killed. I have...several arrow wounds, I've lost a lot of blood, and feel like shit. People trying to kill me is an occupational hazard. That little stunt you pulled barely got a rise." I huffed out a laugh. "It would probably make Bill's day–you accidentally shooting me. He's been sending people to kill me for years. I guess at least I know now that you're not one of them."

"You really think that, don't you? That he wants to kill you."

"I don't think, I know." I shrugged. "You seem to forget that I'm not squeamish about extracting information when circumstances require it. I have an extensive amount of evidence." And the scars to prove it.

"Why does he want to kill you?"

"That's not a conversation for now. It's time to leave, and your friends will be worrying for your safety, as misplaced as their concern might be, given you were the one about to shoot me," I said dryly.

"I don't know if I can go out there again."

Vulnerability. Hannah had an air of damaged beauty, which for reasons I couldn't quantify, felt integral to who she was rather than the result of recent events. Some people didn't belong in Shadowland. I'd been brutally honest with her back in Julant when I'd made it clear I considered her a danger to herself and a liability to her team. I'd tasked Garren with keeping her alive during that perilous race to the station. Pity my half-brother had embraced the request so enthusiastically–I still wanted to punch him in the face for that. "Unfortunately, you don't have any choice." I smiled, trying to lighten the mood.

"I'm not giving you a choice, Hannah," I added softly when she didn't move."You should probably collect anything you need, except the weapon. And if I really must carry you, then I will."

I saw that moment when she realized that I would follow through on the threat. She nodded and drew a deep breath. "I am ready."

"You don't look ready," I said because she didn't, and she probably never would be. "But I guess that doesn't really matter."

She took a last, longing look around the station before we headed together back out into Shadowland.


Chapter 1


I was supremely aware of Tanis's presence as we walked along the corridor. After he'd stood so close, my lungs felt saturated with his essence. My body was tingling with arousal in the way it had ever since I'd met an alpha, only it was worse around Garren and Tanis. The itch under my skin manifested a desire to preen and posture before the dominant male, to do anything that might encourage him to rut.

I threw a look over my shoulder as we neared the door.

Bad idea. Our eyes locked, and the air lodged in my lungs. My stomach performed a slow, sensual dip, and a flood of slick pulsed out.

His nostrils flared, a rumbly growl emanating from his chest before he closed his fingers over the back of my neck and yanked me to him.

Our lips met, and I swear electricity crackled between us at that very first touch. I was on him, trying to climb him, arms entangled around his neck, nails raking flesh, legs wrapping around his body, and he, crushing me to him in a way that lit me up. His tongue speared my mouth, and I sucked on it, purring manically, rubbing my crotch against his body, seeking friction of any kind against my sensitive clit.

Deep, mindless urgency ripped through me, his scent smothering me in a way that felt like home. He had saved me during that fateful first Jaru attack and plucked me from danger. I'd been half in love with him ever since, maddened by the way he held himself aloof, and then Garren came along...

His lips wrenched from mine.

I blinked, dizzy and confused but also desperately horny.

He peeled me off and set me down a pace away, his hands clenching into fists when I wavered like he was fighting the urge to put his hands on me again.

I wanted his hands. Only the small separation allowed some measure of sanity to return. I was also with Garren, I knew if he had been here, he'd be inside me already, and I would be just as mindless from him. They were both compelling alphas and men, different in attitude and ways. Where one was darker and commanding, the other was light and more ready to smile.

I was out of my depth with both of them, either of them.

"I'm sorry," I said. Not that I was really sorry, I just needed something to break the stifling impasse before I launched myself at him again.

"I'm not," he said, and that fast, all the raging lust hit me again.

"What will happen now?" I said, squeezing words past the tightness in my throat.

His lips tugged up slightly on one side. "Now you'll open the door, and we will both continue on to Thale."

"What about Garren?" Heat flooded my cheeks. I felt stupid the moment the words tumbled past my lips.

"Garren will continue with your protection. But Hannah–" He waited until I lifted my wary gaze. "You may be his for now, but you were always mine."

With those shattering words still ringing in my mind, he palmed the door activation plate, flooding the corridor with natural light.


I stepped through the door of Station fifty-four and squinted against the glare of the bright, natural light, breathing in air that wasn't saturated in Tanis and trying to pull myself together.

Being back outside was like waking from a dream and discovering that reality was a nightmare.

The last time I'd stood here, a battle had been taking place, and men, horses, and cries met in a cacophony of terror. The mood was calm and tired now, the frenzy replaced by orderly sobriety as soldiers moved with purpose on overlapping quests. Bodies littered the ground around the station, and flies thickened the air, excited by the gluttonous bounty. Soon the carrion feeders would arrive to complete the grisly cycle of life. Several fires had been lit, and the smoke drifted sluggishly in the arid air.

I glanced at Tanis, who had watched my silent study of the scene. There was a faint trickle of blood at the side of his throat. My chest rose unsteadily as I realized I'd put it there. I liked seeing my mark on him, wanted to make more, to savage him with my nails and teeth.

He smirked and pressed his fingertips to the scratch before inspecting them. "Staking your claim, Hannah?"

Although I shook my head, my eyes screamed, yes.

He gestured toward the tree line. Tearing my gaze from his, I followed his indication to where I could see Adam, the appointed leader of the Rymorian expedition, talking to another man on the far side of the clearing.

"I think you've kept your people waiting long enough," Tanis said.

When I glanced back, I found his expression unreadable. The enigmatic leader had returned. He walked away, leaving me alone at the top of the steep rise that housed the buried power source.

I turned toward the forest. My lips were tingling, and my cheeks were hot. I probably looked thoroughly kissed...and if the wary glances the passing alphas sent my way were any indication, I was throwing off pheromones.

Feeling very much abandoned, I drew a deep breath and went to join Adam.

Spotting me, his face split into a grin. I smiled, too. He greeted me with a hug, the kind, friendly, neutral hug of a man who was a beta and happily married, and how much I needed that simple human connection. "Ah, Hannah, it's so good to see you. Is it done? Operational?"

I nodded. Shared relief blossomed between us. It was done. Despite the odds, it was done.

My curious glance took in the man standing at Adam's side, who gave me a nod. He was unknown to me, with short curly hair, dark skin, and a body on the unhealthy side of lean. There was an air about him that made me think him another field scientist.

I looked around. "Where is the rest of the team?"

"Helping with the preparations to leave. Everything got scattered." Adam gestured over his shoulder toward the station. "Did you talk to anyone while you were inside?"

"Only Dan Gilmore briefly. I asked him to erase our communication. I thought it better to check with you first before making an official update. I also left the satellites disabled for sixty hours–it seemed like the right thing to do."

Adam's face softened with those words, and tension left his shoulders. "Yes, a great idea," he said. "We'll be long gone by then."

"If you're not going to say it, I will," the man next to Adam said. "Thank fuck she didn't talk to Bill."

Adam nodded his head at the speaker. "Hannah, meet Jon Sanders. A fellow field scientist," he said, confirming my assessment. "Whose opinions are possibly more extreme than mine."

Jon Sanders? Why was that name so familiar?

"Diplomacy was never my strong point, but after spending two months locked in a pigpen wondering if every day was my last..." He didn't finish the thought. "All we need is Bill thinking Hannah's waiting at the station and sending a bunch of trigger-happy yahoos in. The station's operational, so he knows someone's here. Better if he's not sure who, and better still he thinks it decided to start itself. We need to leave as fast as possible."

Despite the expressive language and his vocal distrust of Bill, Jon Sanders had an emotive way that I warmed to. Charming in an unorthodox kind of way. Still, I was confused as to where he had come from since, other than my mission, all Rymorians had been recalled.

"What did Dan have to say?" Adam asked before I could broach the subject of Jon being here. "Anything important we should know?"

"Yes. He said there had been talk of a war. That Rymor had declared war on Shadowland. I explained that the Shadowlanders had helped us, and that we wouldn't have reached the station without them."

Adam grunted. "War? Against Shadowland? Good thing we got here in time. I doubt he'll get traction for war now the station is operational. I doubt it would have happened either way. Gaia holds tight to their power. They won't backtrack on a millennium of policy without a burning platform."

"Does this change our plans?" Jon asked Adam.

"No," Adam confirmed.

"What plans?" I asked. "Our plans to wait at Thale until the remaining Jaru leave?" Silence greeted my question, and tension entered Adam's posture. "What are you not telling me?"

"The Jaru have already gone," Adam said quietly, "but it's not safe for us in Rymor anymore. Our stay in Thale is indefinite."

"Indefinite?" Perhaps Tanis telling me of our destination should have triggered a warning. Indefinite? What did that even mean? I was still a little woozy from Tanis's kiss and wasn't functioning at my best. I thought I might throw up.

"Here, sit down." Hand on my shoulder, Adam directed me to the ground, crouching beside me. "Sorry, that came out more abruptly than I intended." His eyes held mine. "Look, there's no easy way to say this, but we can't go back. Not after what happened."

"What's happened? Are we going to make a report? Perhaps they could send a transport?" I didn't want to speak to Bill. Even contemplating it made my stomach churn yet staying here indefinitely was nothing short of crazy. "Why would we need to stay out here?"

"Reporting won't make any difference," Jon said tiredly. "More likely to fuck shit up beyond all recovery. We weren't held hostage by accident."

"Held hostage by who?" I demanded, looking between Adam and Jon.

"This isn't Hannah's fault, Jon."

"Yeah, I get that," Jon replied. "You said she could be trusted. Now she's talking about running back in and spilling our plans to Bill."

Not so charming, unorthodox, or otherwise, I decided.

"She can be trusted. She is trusted," Adam said. "Damn it, Jon, you've only just told me what happened with the transport. You know about her relationship with Bill."

Bill–again. It had taken weeks to move past that minefield of a relationship, and now someone new had arrived who probably still thought we were together. Maybe Bill even believed so.

My feelings toward Bill had shifted through many transitions, yet Jon as a newcomer, knew nothing about that.

What if I had spoken to Bill? I'd become convinced that he'd never cared for me as I'd once cared for him. His discord was apparent from the perspective of time and separation.

"Yeah, I know Bill. I wish I didn't," Jon said, his eyes narrowing on me. "Maybe he sent her out here to kill Tanis. Lull us all into trusting her before she finishes his dirty work for him."

I burst out laughing. I probably sounded hysterical. Given what had transpired behind the station's closed doors, Jon's cool, flippant assessment had been a little too close for comfort. "You think I'm here to assassinate Tanis?" I felt my temper rising, and heat engulfed my cheeks. "I admit he does bring out the occasional violent urge but so far, I have controlled it. I don't trust Bill any more than you do. I told Dan as much. We should provide an update though, and I was suggesting that option to Adam, who as far as I'm concerned, is still in charge."

Adam rubbed his jaw, and I could see he was poorly stifling a smirk.

Jon didn't even try to hide his crooked grin. "Okay, I admit Tanis does lack some basic social skills and women wanting to kill him isn't unusual."

I was sure Tay would attest to that, which further charged my temper. The thought of any woman having that level of closeness to him brought out my claws.

"You may be his for now, but you were always mine."

That statement was going to mess with me to no end.

"I'm part of this. I deserve to know what happened. Why are you even out here? I thought all the field scientists had been recalled?"

Jon glanced briefly at Adam.

Adam nodded. "Tell her. She needs to know."

"I was part of the first repair team," Jon said. "The transport that crashed."

Now I remembered that name from a month ago, back at Julant. It had unleashed Tanis's fury when Adam mentioned that Jon was on the crashed transport.

"I was told you were dead." Ancient technology wasn't an area with many specialists–two less after the crash. Rymor never needed them since maintenance was automated, and faults near unheard of. Ancient technology had relegated itself to a forgotten skill, a historical curiosity. The earthquake changed all that.

The media coverage when the transport left with a repair team was intense. Then nothing had been reported for days until Bill called me to his office and told me the terrible news. It had crashed. The people onboard, including the two technical experts, were presumed dead, and the Shadowlanders were now considered hostile.

When I left, the people of Rymor knew nothing about the transport crash nor that the power restrictions were symptomatic of a bigger problem–notably, they had no protective wall.

"We came down after the halfway point," Jon said. "An explosion. We managed to level out, but the landing was rough, and a flight observer died. Barely had we landed when we came under attack. At the time I thought they were Jaru, but I soon realized something was off. Our captors took us north. We lost another man along the way, a field scientist they beat to death. We traveled for weeks to an old trapper lodge just over the border. There we stayed until Tanis's men rescued us a few days ago."

"The rest of the transport crew survived? They're here?" I asked, horrified by what they had endured.

"Yes, the two technical masters survived, as did the other field scientists onboard. The remaining flight observer was working with them. He died while we were there, killed by one of his own." Jon said. "They had Rymorian technology. At least one PB firearm. They still have it since we didn't find it among those killed...We found Rymorians among them working for an undercover agency. They didn't know a lot other than the primary contact that went by the name of Karry. He wasn't with them at the time. It turns out Karry had orders to locate Adam's group and extract them. If the extraction failed, then his orders were to kill you all."

I shook my head, my denial never forming into words.

Kill us? Someone had been sent to kill us–and kill me?

Adam nodded confirmation, his face solemn. "It's true, Hannah. I wish it were otherwise. Someone in Rymor is behind this. Anyone powerful enough to bring so many people out here with weapons is a threat for reasons far eclipsing our personal safety. We need a lot more information before we can return. I've no idea where we're going to get it. People are trying to kill us, their motivation unclear. For now, better that they know nothing about our location or plans. With hindsight, I would rather Dan had remained ignorant. I trust Dan, but anyone who can do this–well there's no saying what else they may do or what they might have access to."

Blood drained from my face. "Oh god. I need to warn Dan."

I went to scramble up, but Adam moved with me, his hand on my arm gentle but insistent.

"It's too late, Hannah," he said softly. "We can't risk more communication."

I wanted to argue, to plead, if need be, but Adam's face was set. Tears welled at the back of my eyes, but I blinked them away. What was done was done. Dan was an intelligent man. He wouldn't be reckless, would he? "When will we leave?"

"Soon, I think," Adam replied, releasing my arm. "Tanis is eager to return to Thale."

I nodded. A part of me longed to return home, see my sister and family, and resume my normal life. And yet so much had happened, all those revelations and incidents that shattered my confidence in a man I'd once been intimately acquainted with. I didn't trust my judgment of what was right. I didn't trust my judgment of people, and I thought Adam's decision not to return might be for the best.



Chapter 2


I was still reeling from these revelations when I became aware of someone on my periphery. Turning, I found Garren waiting.

"I'll leave you to catch up," Adam said. On a distant level, I was aware of Adam and Jon moving off, but I only had eyes for the alpha who stared back at me.

Tall and built, with shoulder-length blond hair and blue eyes, Garren was like the living embodiment of a mythical Viking god created in loving detail and placed upon the mortal world. He was a fantasy and reality all rolled into one. The strange plate and leather armor, the sword at his left hip, the rough, primal beauty of man and alpha.

His lips tugged up. He took a step forward and hauled me into his arms, and how good it felt to be there.

He stilled abruptly and gave an exaggerated sniff before lifting his head and pinning me with a glare. "Tanis's scent is all over you."


Garren growled, and not in a sexy way, more, the hairs lifting in the back of your neck, blood is about to spill, way. I swallowed hard, wondering what failed cross-wiring in my brain might be responsible for the sudden unmistakable clench to my pussy and the gush of slick.

"We didn't... we only kissed."

His nostrils flared and his eyes narrowed. "I'm going to thump the bastard.... Later. I need inside you."

"God, yes please."

Our hands clashed as we both reached for the catch on my suit. What followed was a chaotic jumble of urgent fingers and muttered cursing as my clothes were parted enough for him to slip his hand inside.

"You're very fucking wet, Hannah." His lips pressed my throat, teeth nipping the skin as his fingers speared deep into my pussy, making it hard to concentrate on his words. "Did you like him kissing you?"

"I...Oh!" His fingertips found the entrance to my slick gland, and he petted the sensitive bundle of nerves without mercy, making me twitch and groan.

"Answer the fucking question," he growled in my ear, "or I'm going to fucking stop!"


He stopped anyway. "No!" What the fuck did I just say?

“Unmated omega. Causing no end of fucking trouble," he muttered as he put me on my hands and knees and came down behind me. A jangle and clank followed, and I waited, quivering with need, before he directed the blunt head of his cock to my pussy entrance and filled me with a savage thrust.

"He's not the one fucking you, now, is he?" Garren said, slamming into me slow and deliberate, slapping our flesh together and sending a delicious jolt that sparked nerves to life.

"Not the one plowing this tight, needy omega cunt, I am."

His aggression lit a fire in me, and I loved every rough word, every possessive touch, every deep fuck of his hard cock.

"Not the one ruining this pussy, I am."

He began to power into me, his knot swelling, bringing that tingling anticipation and no indication that he might withhold that pleasure. Fast, urgent, driving my body relentlessly toward the delirium of release.

"Hope the bastard suffers a hard on all day. Hope he can't get your sweet fuck-me scent out of his nose. Hope his balls are blue!"

Garren fucked me, but I wasn't only thinking of him. No, I was thinking about Garren and Tanis, focusing on that tendril of scent that lingered, of being between them, of taking them both.

His strokes slowed, working the knot in until it lodged perfectly, seeming to swell larger still.

"You may be his for now, but you were always mine."

I came, body turning rigid, heat and pleasure sufficing every pore, and deep, glorious contractions over his hard cock and knot. Garren ground his pelvis against mine, and a hot flood bathed the entrance to my womb.

Here, right here, knotted and well fucked, I understood myself.

But as the heady sensations dimmed to a glow and sanity returned, I questioned my actions.

What the fuck was I doing?

What the fuck was I going to do?

Excerpt, The Warrior in the Shadows Copyright © 2022 L.V. Lane

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The Warrior in the Shadows:


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