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The road to book one

When I original started Taking Control, it was a paranormal sci-fi. I already had some ideas for the different roles, but I needed a framework in which to let them play…which is where the Omegaverse came in. I thought it might add an interesting dimension to what I had planned.

Only the standard Omegaverse ABO roles were not enough, so I decided to extend the dynamic list, including the different kinds of Omegas.

Book One was my experiment. Both in me as a writer and in my take on this subgenera—testing the water. A huge thank you to everyone who has left me a review. I'm a new author, learning as I go, and I appreciate the feedback.

So what is coming up in the series?

We will get a look at the Healer Omega dynamic in the next book. And some hints on the Mu dynamic.

In book 3 we will meet the Theta dynamic as we follow the story of our resident narrator, Doctor Lillian Brach. This one is turning out to be a BIG book, so I think it may become a trilogy…I’m still drafting the final third.

Yes, we will also be exploring the typical Omegaverse pair-bonding, mating, knotting, etc. I’ve been having so much fun with that! 🔥🔥🔥

I also love the idea of Male Omegas/MPREG, MFM, MMF...and maybe a badass female Alpha.

And there will be further exploration of the universe...and I might even peek over the fence into the Uncorrupted side of things.


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