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Sneak Peek at Savage Control!


We were in a garden pod, surrounded by racks of vegetables and fruit…and soil. There was an awful lot of soil. We had just survived an attack and were trapped behind a sealed door, on the other side of which anything might be happening.

It felt wildly inappropriate to be even thinking about this.

“Just to be absolutely clear,” Kade said, looking me straight in the eye. “When you said you were giving your submission, you mean you’re giving yourself to us to do whatever we want with?”

I nodded slowly.

“Fucking,” he said, making my eyes widen and bringing a little spasm to my womb. “We are going to want to fuck you.”

Swallowing past the tightness in my throat, I nodded again.

“Say the words, Abby. I don’t want there to be any confusion about what’s about to happen and that you agree.”

“Yes,” I said.

“Both of us,” he continued bluntly.

My heart gave a little thud of anticipation. “Yes,” I said again.

Kade smiled. “Good girl… Now there’s just a small detail we haven’t covered yet—we’re not alphas.”

“Oh,” I said inadequately, my brows pinching together in confusion. I’d been sure they had to be alphas. Beta controllers were being phased out, but I supposed there must be some in service. Or maybe they were former beta controllers. Still, his comment had thrown me off a little. They just seemed more…intense than I presumed a beta might be.

“Are you beta controllers?” I asked, searching myself to see if I was disappointed by this discovery. I thought I might have been, which was ridiculous because neither man was disappointing. They were the most imposing betas I’d ever met.

Clearly, I needed to seek therapy for myself, which was ironic, all things considered. Maybe it was because alphas were so close to deltas—my dynamic match. I’d never met a delta and likely never would, so I’d latched onto them as a second best, much like they were seeing me.

The smirk that bloomed on Kade’s lips brought a clench to belly. He shook his head slowly. “No, we’re deltas.”

The blood drained from my face. I tried to take a step back, only to find the wall of Jordan’s body. His hands tightened on my hips, and his dark chuckle stirred a frisson of fear.

Deltas? No, they were teasing me. It was a very poor joke. Deltas were rarer than omegas, and then there was the matter of their hook… No, I wasn’t going there.

“Ah,” Kade said. “I do love that look on a woman’s face when they realize we have a hook. And unlike alphas, we don’t need to wait for a rut or bonding before it comes out to play. It’s there all the time.” He winked. “It does sting a little when it latches, so I’ve been told, but we’ll make it good for you.” His eyes turned hooded, predatory. “Make sure you’re so thoroughly distracted, you’ll barely notice it.”

Jordan leaned in close again. “And once we’re latched nice and deep, you won’t stop fucking coming.”

A cold spasm swept the length of my spine. What had I just done? What the hell had I agreed to do…with two deltas?

Excerpt, Savage Control, copyright © L.V. Lane 2022

Coming 17th November!

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