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Releasing tomorrow!

Who is excited? ❤️ As per usual, I am both excited and nervous.

My first slightly taboo story featuring adopted siblings.

My third fairy story.

I love my barbarian alphas, so we have one barbarian in the mix, plus three other alphas.

It's omegaverse, so expect the usual heat, knotting, and nesting.

Lots of smut 🥵

For those of you living in Australia, it should be live and available in KU.

For the rest of you, there are a few more hours to wait.

Happy reading!

Liv x

Standalone, spicy, fantasy romance set in a world where omegas command alphas!

🧚‍♀️One fairy omega

🛡️Four warrior alphas

🤫A secret obsession

❤️‍🔥Just a little taboo

🌶️All the spice

“I trust them with my life. But can I trust them with my secrets?”


And just in case you want something to read while you're waiting... don't forget there are 16 other books in the series that can be read as standalone, with the exception of Priya's duet, book 2&3!

Fantasy Omegaverse with barbarians, orcs, fairies, centaurs, wolven, and shifters!


Traded for Their Pleasure 。.。:∞♡*♥

My husband conned two barbarians out of ten chickens.

Now they’re at my door demanding recompense.

I’m sick of my husband’s nonsense and nefarious trading ways.

Enough is enough, I’m set to leave him tomorrow.

Only the barbarians demand a trade for their ten lost chickens.

My scoundrel of a husband has just offered me.

Traded for Their Pleasure is a spicy omegaverse #whychoose with two barbarian alphas set to woo their beta mate!

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