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Rapture: New cover and new release date!

I'm delighted to announce that Rapture will now be released on 20th September!

🔥Fairy-Omegaverse-Vampiric mash-up

🔥Enemies to lovers

🔥Action, humor, and scorching hot!

🔥Portal fantasy worlds with fairy, humans, Orcs, and shifters!

🔥Standalone story with HEA

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He’s supposed to be my protector, the towering male with the delicious scent that drives my body wild.

He’s supposed to obey me, although he rides the line of disrespect with infuriating ease.

And when he’s injured, I’m supposed to gift him my powerful blood.

Only I don’t, and I can’t, and now my actions have broken the rules

And the man who once obeyed is going to own me.


Beautiful, cold, and untouchable, Winter is all that and more.

The tiny little fairy with the frosty disposition and heart made of ice.

She’s supposed to heal me, but my miserly mistress gives me only scraps.

My mind despises her, even as my body craves her blood.

Trapped by circumstance, my broken fairy will break both the rules and me.

But revenge, sweeter than the blood flowing through her veins, will ultimately be mine.

Rapture is a dark and steamy enemies to lovers paranormal, fairy-vampiric mashup. It contains explicit scenes, triggers, and complete power exchange.

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