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Omega Prey, Book 2

If you enjoyed Prey, you will be pleased to know I've been busy working on the second book for Priya.

Pre-order will be available soon...Here is a little teaser :)

On parting ways with Margot, I round the corner…and collide with a moving wall.


All the air leaves my lungs, and I stagger backward a step before landing on my ass.

I look up, a long way up, where I lock eyes with Brook. Another equally impressive lad stands to his right, his older brother, Caden.

They are both Alphas, both being trained personally by Hawthorn, the stern captain of our household guard. Caden’s hair is a sun-kissed brown that curls where it meets his forehead and collar—Brook’s is a shade darker. They have even, pleasing features, and Margot isn’t the only young miss who turns beet-red if either lad so much as glances their way.

I’ve seen my mother's maid Giselle giving both of them the come-hither smirk…A scowl furrows my brow as I blink up at them. “What are pig farmers doing in this part of the castle?” I demand waspishly. They are no longer pig farmers, but they were once pig farmers, and Giselle's mischief earlier has put me in a poor mood.

Ignoring my question, Brook turns to his older brother for direction. “Should I help her up?”

Caden shakes his head. “Nah, haughty brat will dob us in for touching her prissy ass. I’m not getting a whipping because she can’t look where she’s going.”

“Good point,” Brook agrees.

Without further ado, they step around me and continue along the corridor, falling into a conversation about an upcoming patrol.

Excerpt, Prize © L.V. Lane

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