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New from L.V. Lane!

Owned and Knotted, now live and available in KU!

RH Omegaverse set in the same universe as Owned.

* Previously published under the title 'Ruled by the Omega' as part of the 'Ruled by the Alpha' anthology.

Blurb ~

When you live in a world where alphas ruled all, you have to fight for the scraps, for your place, and demonstrate that you're more than a breeder.

So that's what I did, and with my two alphas at my side, I made a safe community among the desolation.

But peace never lasts.

And my alphas are keeping secrets.

When our community comes under attack, the mysterious leader Rowan offers protection for a price—Me.

Can I trust the enigmatic alpha, Rowan?

And more importantly, do I have a choice?

Content Advice: Violence, rough intimacy, why choose romance including male/male. A tough omega ready to fight and claim all three of her mates.

BUY LINK >>> Amazon

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