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Deviant Games ~ Prologue

“What do you think about this one?” Ryker waved his information tablet in Ethan’s direction. They lounged side by side on the couch, which impressed me...their attitude toward one another was playful exuberance on Ryker’s part, and brooding tolerance on Ethan’s. 

Unless I was sandwiched between them when they turned into pack animals lording over a prize.

I needed to cut that train of thought off.

Ethan had been on the couch first, and then Ryker had flopped down in the seat beside him in that I’m about to press some buttons kind of way.

I sat opposite—alone because I was supposed to be working on some research, which I had claimed was important.

Distracted from my work, I caught only a glimpse of a strange assembly on the data tablet. Not that I needed an additional reason to be distracted. They were stunning Alphas, both in appearance and deed. 

Ethan epitomized everything an Alpha should be. Darkness and menace; there was no obstacle that he would not overcome to protect me. He redefined the word dominant, it was pervasive to his very core. At times I loved being the subject of his intense control, and at others, I hated how far he dragged me from my comfort zone—I barely recognized myself or my reactions. 

Ryker was his polar opposite in many ways, playful and deviant, where Ethan was serious and straight to the point. Ryker loved to coax and manipulate my submission, and even though it was already his. He took perverse pleasure in making me squirm and gasp in shock when he did something that he shouldn’t—usually somewhere that he shouldn’t.

They were dressed casually, having returned from a training session—sweatpants and T-shirts that clung lovingly to their hard, built bodies. Ethan, dark of hair and eyes, was my warrior fallen angel. Ryker, despite his nightmarish tattoos, was oh so pretty. It wasn’t fair to give an Alpha such lush, long, eyelashes. 

An Omega could be forgiven for being overwhelmed by one of them. Two of them were more than I could handle, but they were mine now, and I would die a sinful death gladly to keep them in my life.

I continued to eye them covertly while pretending interest in my data. Ethan rubbed his jaw and frowned, then took the tablet from Ryker. He pinched and swiped the screen. “Not sure…. what’s that part for?”

Ryker grinned and leaned over to tap the screen.

Their heads were close together, shoulders touching, big, capable hands holding the data tablet—I swallowed. I wanted to crawl over and insinuate myself between them.

Ethan puffed out a breath and shook his head, passing the tablet back. “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

What the hell were they looking at? My eyes played ping-pong between my research and whatever they were discussing.

“I think we should let Lilly have a say. She might appreciate the extra stimulation.” Ryker winked at me.

I faked sudden avid interest in my research data that might as well have been in another language for all I could make sense of it. My cheeks heated. How could I summon any level of embarrassment after all the things we had done together?

“Still fucking no,” Ethan muttered, shooting a glare at Ryker. “And she doesn’t need any extra stimulation.”

Damn it, I knew they were discussing a deviant plaything for me, and just the thought of it, whatever it was, and especially if it was terrible enough for Ethan to reject, was having a predictable effect.

I froze. Please don’t let them notice. Maybe if I slipped quietly out and went to my nest, I could calm the rising flush and signs of arousal?

Like wolves sensing fresh prey, both heads lifted—one dark, one deviant, both poised to embrace the game.

“For fuck sake,” Ethan muttered. “Stop looking at the damn things while she’s in the room. See what’s happened now?” He gestured toward me, and dumping his tablet into Ryker’s hands, stalked toward me.

Ryker chuckled, and tossing the tablet aside, followed hot on Ethan’s heels.

Prologue, Deviant Games: Controllers Book Eight © L.V. Lane


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