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Daddy Doms and dirty talk

My new book Controllers 0 going really well. I've just gone over 30k, and there is quite a bit more to do. I'm guessing it might top out at 45 maybe 50k, but will see.

The last 30% is always...messy when I'm writing. There is a bombardment of ideas, and it feels a bit like I am battling with a giant slippery octopus, trying to tie up in a bow.

I always get there eventually, but there are so many thought threads going on at the moment, and I know not all of them make it to the final book.

When I write the first 50% is such a breeze, the last bit is a battle. :)

But that's the fun of writing.


I mentioned before about this being a bit dark and dystopian in feel. There is very little about the war until the very end. It's all about the community and the Omega's revealing.

I sometimes find myself going down paths when I write, and this one has taken on a Daddy Dom feel. Most of my books have elements of this. My Omegas are often referred to as being 'naughty' or 'good girls' when they behave....and then there is the spankings!

So Daddy Dom is not a new theme, but I think this one takes it further than the rest because the main man (I have a name, but I'm still mulling it over), is so much older.

I can't bring myself to make her call him Daddy (I don't mind reading that, but I'm struggling to actually write it myself, and I'm going with my gut feel on what's right for the book.)

Also for those of you who enjoy dirty-talk, I think I've taken that to a whole new level in this book! 🔥

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