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Completed Trilogy! Get Punished Free!

To celebrate the completion of the trilogy and the fabulous new covers, Punished will be FREE for the next few days. If you live in the US, you can also get Ravaged for 99cents!

When your alien book boyfriend comes to life!

Three tales of feisty heroines in alien misadventures.

Three interlinked stories.

Three HEA!

Book One ~

Author Avery Sinclair thought she was only writing a book... until her dreams about Haden, her alien hero, got a little too real. One intergalactic wormhole later, Haden is determined to exact revenge on the cruel writer who ruined his life. Will these enemies turn into lovers in a fast-paced HEA?

Book Two ~

Harper is down on her luck fleeing an abusive ex. Little does she know when she begins reading Avery Sinclair's books that the alien ravager side character is real! Quinn knows Harper's in danger, and he's determined to protect her... by claiming her as his pet!

Book Three ~

Erin's venture into space pirating comes unstuck when the real space pirates turn up! Knowing humans are highly sought in the galaxy, she hides behind a disguise. Until Kane, the Devlin warrior, sees through her ruse. But keeping Erin safe is a two-being job, and he's going to need the help of his half-gargoyle friend, Lan... and a bit of book magic from Avery Sinclair, the writer mate of his new boss.

Please see Goodreads for a full list of trigger warnings for these books:



❈.•*¨*•.THE AWAKENING.•*´¨*•.❈

ON SALE 99cents ALL amazon stores!

Dark mf Omegaverse: Woodrow was looking to claim his mate at any price... A dark and sensual paranormal twist on a Cinderella retelling that kicks off a series!

Please see Goodreads for a full list of trigger warnings for these books:

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