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Busy working on Taken

I'm busy working on Taken today, the third and final book in the Omega Prey trilogy.

Snippet for you... Priya will never change!

They think me asleep as they ease the door to the bedroom closed.

I’m not asleep, and despite feeling worse than the time Posey took a bad jump and I ended up in the ditch, I drag myself out of bed to listen at the door.

I can hear absolutely nothing of what they say, just the changing tone that indicates a disagreement of some kind is taking place. A meaty thud and a grunt follows. Although I doubt it is funny, I smirk, for I’m sure one of them, probably Brook, has been cuffed for some perceived misdeed.

I press my ear tighter and wonder at my bad luck in having such a sturdy door in our chambers. Another dull thud signifies the main entrance is being closed. But wait… Is that…footsteps?

I fling myself from the door just as it is yanked open. Hawthorn is standing in the opening, nostril’s flared, radiating the joy of an angry bull. “I was not sleepy,” I say, feeling disadvantaged at being both naked and disheveled after their enthusiastic attentions.

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