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Bound to the Pack Character Art!

I've recently gotten into character art and now have 3 years' worth of books to catch up on!

I thought I would share a cut-down (SFW) version of characters from Bound to the Pack.💕

Absolutely smitten with the beautiful drawing. I love the thought of shifters in the half-shift beast form ... and well, Bound to the pack has quite a lot of it!

Our sweet heroine, Fern, is suffering from mistreatment by her cruel mistress. Tavion, Casper, and the wolf shifter pack step in to save her... then Adam and our gentle beta Emric join. It's a lot having eight mates, but Fern has a big heart and loves them all equally.💕

His growled rumbles of satisfaction and his huge beastly tongue, that seems to cover everywhere, have me seeing stars.
My fingers seek and find the soft pelt at the back of his head, holding him closer so his wicked tongue can go extra deep. He obliges, his purr deepening.

Excerpt, Bound to the Pack.

See the full image, including NSFW version on my Patreon😍

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