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And the mystery novel is...

Mystery novel update: I thought it was going to be a little did I know. Yes, it's looking like a full novel. I'm already 10k into the draft, and I have all the major plot points worked out.

This is going to be Controllers book 0.

I always wanted to take a step back and look at Lilly's world while she was at the research center working with Erison Tsing.

The story follows the life of Verity, a young girl put through the Omega program under Lilly's care.

It's weird, but books sometimes just choose their own mood, and this book has a very definite mood that's a little different from my later books in the series. I normally have at least a smidgen of humor in there, but this is dark and unrelenting in the darkness.

It's also going to be less about an Omega with an Alpha, and more about Verity's journey to becoming an Omega, what it's like within the Omega community, and her sexual awakening there.

She does meet an Alpha, but I'm feeling like that may be after the halfway mark. He's much older than her. I've already written one scene for when they're together, and it's very, very intense. 🔥 Maybe it's after writing Hudson's book (he's kind of brutal), I felt like I wanted an Alpha who would be more adoring of his Omega while still being completely twisted and ruthless where the bedroom action is concerned.

Verity also has a strong voice and presence as a character. And the Alpha I've given her feels like he's delivering exactly what she needs after all she's been through.

I'm really enjoying this book!

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