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Absolute Control Teaser...

Excerpt, Absolute Control, Copyright L.V. Lane 2020 (MMF Omegaverse)

When I woke up, I was naked, face down against rough bedding, and half-buried under a wall of hot flesh. It was dark, although I couldn’t readily ascertain if it was night time or I was within a darkened room. The scent hit me, rich Alpha pheromones that belonged to Hudson and brought an immediate sense of calm. Hazy images of my time in the medical emergency make-shift ward surged and scattered through my mind. We had saved many people—there were some that we could not.

Hudson’s gentle Alpha rumble battered at my distress. Like a balm over a wound, it eased the suffering without taking it entirely away.

“You did what you could,” he said, and that simple statement sent tears spilling down my cheeks. A rough hand, twice the size of mine, skimmed over my chest to enclose the front of my throat.

His hands could kill as easily as I could heal. Yet, the hold was gentle, and the pad of his thumb brushing over my cheek to wipe away the spilling tears grounded me. “It puts me in a temper when you cry like this,” he said, voice thick, but he did not sound angry, only sad.

There was so much sadness in operations like this, and the tears spilled harder. I hated it. Hated the war, the endless killing, and that suffocating sensation that permeated every facet of my life.

The comforting rumbled ceased. Spun onto my back, he rolled above me, growling low and deep—the kind he knew drove my body to respond. The face that stared down at me had many hard angles and little warmth, yet I had come to love that face as much as the man.

He was a huge, deadly Alpha. I was at his mercy—he didn’t have any, not with our enemy, not with the team who reported to him, and certainly not with me.

As my vision adjusted to the gloom, our eyes locked, and I knew he would be hard on me. This was how it must be between Hudson and I; he understood me at times better than I understood myself.

I needed to forget that life could be ugly.

I needed to remember that life could be beautiful.

That life could be perfect, if only for a moment.

That life could be breathtakingly sublime.

My breath sawed in and out of my chest. He would fuck me now, use me roughly until I couldn't remember anything but the perfect raw beauty of being possessed by my Alpha...

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