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A few readers have asked for epilogues with the various controller couples and their babies. As is the way when writing, I don't know when or if this will happen.

Creative writing is like a living entity that has a mind all of its own. We, the humble recipient (writer), can only follow where it leads.

I do expect as the series progresses that established couples will drop in as a cameo with their children, and we will get a peek into their lives that way.

In the interim, here is something I shared on my Facebook group a little while ago, which yielded quite a bit of discussion from the readers! It's fun to contemplate what kind of parents our couples might be...and of course, what kind of dads our Alphas will become.


He would be annoyingly (in Eloise's opinion) calm when dealing with her pregnancy hormones and maintaining the child's discipline. If Eloise doesn't take care of herself he would discipline her in inventive ways too!


Total push-over, any child would see right through him and have complete domination over him. Worst nightmare, both him Omegas giving birth simultaneously, worries about this obsessively, and even has nightmares/panic attacks. Forms action plans for when they go into labor...and for every other possible eventually regarding their safety.

Ethan and Ryker:

Ryker would offer really unuseful/inappropriate words of encouragement to Lilly during labor...which would piss Lilly off. Ethan would threaten to kill him until Lilly told them both to shut up.

With a child, Ryker would be the first one teaching him or her how to use a knife to defend themselves and other inappropriate games. He would be so much fun as a Dad. Ethan would sneak cuddles and have deep conversations with the baby when no one else was looking.


Fiercely protective. Won't let Madelyn out of his sight while pregnant and insists on (what she feels is) over the top security if she or the child leaves his presence for a second. The birth experiences rocks his world.

Most likely to threaten a daughter's boyfriend with castration if they look at her wrong when she's older.

What do you think? ❤️

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Deviant Games is all done...phew! It's always a good feeling when I upload the manuscript and know I've given it my best. It's been a pleasure to get back to Lilly, Ethan and Ryker. They are such great characters to write, and I love the push and pull between the two Alphas and Lilly. Now it's ready for the readers to see what they think :)


I'm back into drafting Owned. This is a dual FMC story where we follow two very different women who are separated right at the start when their peaceful community comes under attack. It's a post-apocalyptic world, set seventeen years after the collapse.

When I start a new world, I never really know where it's going, whether it will be a series or a standalone. I'm feeling like this will be a standalone. As a writer, it's good to keep exploring new worlds and new stories. I also think it's good for variety sake to give yourself new projects between the broader series.

I'm enjoying where this story is taking me and excited to see how it wraps up.

Happy reading

Liv x

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Deviant Games

The draft is finished, I've completed basic edits, and had a read through today. I'm feeling super happy with the way the story went!

Let's see if my lovely Beta readers feel the same...

Want a peek at the prologue? I posted a draft version in a previous blog post.

Preorder link:

Me, eagerly waiting for my Beta reader feedback

Owned: A post-apocalyptic romance

Before I finally knuckled down on Deviant Games, I was playing about with the post-apocalyptic romance. I've posted the first chapter in a previous blog post.

I'm about 20k into this story, and I'm going to dive into drafting while I'm waiting for the Deviant Games feedback.

It has a dark, gritty feel. I'm enjoying taking a break from Omegaverse, although I still dabble in the idea of genetic enhancements. This will be a standalone novel just for the fun of it.


Bad boss

I attempted to make Bad Boss (romantic comedy) permafree through to the end of November. This sounded like a simple enough undertaking. You email them a request. They update the price. Job done.

It was not simple.

They set Australia and UK to free. Took another 3 days and an email to change US.

Then they randomly set US back to paid.

Another email.

They put US to free.

Within an hour Australia was back to paid!

I'm ready to throw in the towel.

Canada has not yet been free... I'm pretty sure when I try and set it back to paid at the end of the month, I'll be in for a new world of hurt.

As of writing this post, it is free on Apple, Nook everywhere. Amazon US and UK. It should return to free for CA and AU soon!

But please check the price before downloading just in case any gremlins get in the system.

I'll leave it permafree throughout November.

Link to all stores


The end of the Omega Prey Trilogy!

Finally, Taken, the third and final book in the Omega Prey trilogy, will be out in early March!

You can preorder a copy here:


Happy reading!

Liv ❤️

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