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Prey 2!

Priya’s book (formerly known as Taken), has been renamed Prize. I have the cover done...but I’m sitting on it for a little bit ;)

The drafting has gone really well, and I’m up to 20k words. (I’m guessing about a third of the way through).

I’d like to add that I’m at 20k words, and no one has been spanked yet...or touched...not even a kiss! But it’s about to kick off now 😈

I love Priya so much, and I’m having fun with this book. One of my favorite things about this ‘Prey’ series is the freedom to use words like ‘wench’ and ‘lass’ in an authentic context. Poor Priya, a lifetime of ‘bratting’ is about to catch up with her.

Snippet ~ Hawthorn

“She is playing you,” I say reasonably. I fear Bram is not to be reasoned with. “She has no interest in Dawson. The only reason she humors the lad is because she knows how well it vexes you.”

Bram growls as he paces. He is a civilized Alpha mostly, but occasionally his inner darkness slips out.

To be fair to Bram, Priya’s antics vex us all. After the infamous incident at the ruins, she was sent off to her aunt—much to everyone’s relief.

Then she returned after some scandal with a stable lad that I still don’t have the full details on.

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