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Owned available on preorder: releasing January 25th.

The preorder is up on Amazon for my new post-apocalyptic romance! It's set over a decade after the collapsed when pockets of safety have begun to form. We follow the story of two women who are separated when their community comes under attack.



When civilization first collapsed, survival replaced compassion.

Many dark years followed before I found a delicate peace within Sanctuary’s walls.

But that was over now.

Standing on the desolate rooftop, I watched enemy soldiers take our community.

After three days on the streets with no provisions and nothing but a temperamental handgun to defend myself, I knew I was out of options.

That was when he found me, the killer with enough weapons to start a one-man war.


Life had gotten complicated long before my son was born.

It was a thousand times harder after.

The peaceful enclave, Sanctuary, offered hope until it became caught between two warring factions.

They turned it into a pile of rubble.

Now a new community awaited me.

One where women were owned.

I didn’t like being around men, hated them, truth be told.

But I had to pick someone, so I picked him, the too young, too perceptive doctor who brought out the temper in me.

Why? Because despite how I spoke to him, he felt like the safe option.

As it turns out, the unassuming doctor wasn’t quite what he seemed.

Publisher’s note: Owned is a post-apocalyptic romance following two interlinked stories.

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