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Beauty and The Bears: A fantasy bear shifter romance

Coveted Prey Book 21 

It has been my papa and me since I was little, and he swore he wanted it that way. Then, he met someone while visiting his cousin, and the next thing I knew, he was getting married.

As it turns out, I like my new stepmother. Her three strapping sons, not so much. They are bossy and overbearing and hate me just as much as I hate them. 

Only they are always sneaking off, and I get the feeling my stepbrothers are hiding something from me…. Which is why I defy their orders and find myself in danger. 

They save me, I discover their secret, and now a very different kind of trouble is coming for me.

📣Content advice: Why choose with three bear shifters. The story includes forced seduction and firm discipline using the hand and belt. Some violence and gore. 

🔮Themes include a bratty highborn, three gruff bear shifters, a VERY generous serving of spicy times, adventure, and breeding talk.


🐻 Bear form intimacy with the 👅

📗 Can be read as a standalone.

🤝Related stories: None.

📏Short story


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